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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend Review

What a great weekend we had! The weather was pretty decent, no snow...yippee! Although the flakes were flying yesterday. But we're not going to talk about snow until AFTER Halloween. Friday my hubby was off work. It's nice to have him home. Hannah had preschool, so it was extra nice having him home in the afternoon. It's very rare that either one of us is home and the kids aren't. It's even more rare that we are both home with no kids. The house seems to smell better and it stays clean for more than 5 minutes....I love my kids, but I like an empty house every once in awhile.

Bryce's final flag football game was scheduled for Friday night, under the lights, but it had rained in the morning so it was rescheduled for Saturday. A free Friday night,, no. He went to hockey practice instead. I love watching him skate. He's getting so good! While all the other kids are dropping like flies around him he's the one skating circles around everyone. I cannot believe how far he's come in such a short amount of time. I'll have to remember my camera for the next practice.

Saturday morning the boys went to pick up cans for the Boy Scout troop. They also got haircuts. Thank goodness. They were looking pretty shabby! They went to Sports Clips which is a salon for dudes. They got massaged and a hot towel on their face. I think my men are getting a little too girly...tee hee. So then Saturday night we had the final flag football game. Bryce scored two of the three touchdowns. One was off of an interception! That boy's got some skills. I was so proud of him. Several parents, the coach included, told us how great he was and how much natural skill he has. I know he's only 7, but I think they are right. He's excelling in hockey too, he's just a natural. He must get that from his mommy ;) His team ended up taking first place. He got his first trophy. He is so proud of it and so am I!

Sunday was church. Man oh man did we have a great sermon. The pastor finished his sermon with tears in his eyes. My pastor is a national figure, which sometimes bothers me a bit. I guess it's human nature to think maybe he's not living the life he preaches. Sunday proved to me once again he is exactly the man you see every Sunday. He made me realize that I have a lot of resentment built up inside that I carry around like a baby. His philosophy is to punt kick those babies out of your life! Good idea Pastor Mark! If you've been wronged or hurt by someone and you are carrying around resentment or you're still bitter, forgive them and move on. I guarantee your life will prosper from it. And, it's something Jesus told us to do it! Your life will change. He also made me realize I haven't had my nose in the bible lately, so I'm going to try much harder this week to read a bit everyday.
Have a great week everyone. If you scrapbook and you're ready to change the way you scrapbook, check back later. I'm going to highlight a book by Stacy Julian called Photo Freedom. It's changed the way I look at scrapbooking...I feel so free!!!! ;)

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Tracy said...

Wow, I have to download that sermon. I tried to listen to his radio show this morning, but it didn't load.. oh well.

Bryce is doing so well! How great to get his first trophy, I remember mine... it was awesome!

I read about the bible thing... and realized I had let my daily bible reading drop to the bottom of my priorities these last few weeks... thanks for being so open and honest I love that about you!

Can't wait to read/see your new scrapbooking methods... :)