Life is an adventure.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I need more time

24 hours is just not enough. I cannot possibly get done all I have to get done with only 24 hours. Life has gotten so hectic over the last couple of months. I feel like we have something going on every night of the week! My house is a wreck, my Christmas cards didn't make it in the mail, presents need to be wrapped, groceries need to be bought, dishes need to be never ends. I started working on my New Year's Resolutions the other day. At the top of the list is to slow down and get more organized. In a perfect world I would never forget to do something I needed to do, I'd be on time to everything and I'd have enough time to get it all done. Ugh! I wish I could write more, but I don't have time!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I love me some Facebook

Do you Facebook? I don't even know if that's the correct terminology. I've never been too hip with the sayings...I'm guessing it's not hip to use the word hip anymore. Anyway, a few months ago I got an email saying one of my MOPS mom friends wanted to add me as a friend on Facebook. I have a Facebook account? I believe those were my exact words. After several failed attempts, I finally located my password buried deep in the part of my brain where I like to store stuff I'll probably never use again. And the rest, as they say, is history! I am a total addict. I check it several times a day every day. If you don't have an account run, don't walk...or type really, super fastly, whatever, over to and open an account. Then add me. I love having friends!
Lately I have been adding friends from grade school...we're talking waaayyy back when we all had to wear those tacky plaid dresses to Catholic school. It's been a lot of fun catching up with old friends and even some people that I wasn't so chummy with in school. Most of the girls I'm finding are married with kids and living a million miles away from our hometown. As I'm taking trips down memory lane I'm wondering if they have changed. Some of the girls were snotty or nerdy or very friendly or very, very smart. I'm wondering if they are the same way now? Then I got to I the same way now? I don't know how I would define who I was then but I am fairly certain I am different today. I've had children, been married, dealt with death and moving and the good times that are high school and college. How could we not all be different? And how cool that we have this awesome medium to reconnect?!
I have to admit, I am enjoying seeing people who are now not as skinny as they once were, people who aren't as pretty as they once were and people who are much nicer than they used to be. When I was in grade school and just learning to use the computer we didn't know anything about the internet or Facebook. I am amazed at how far technology has come. I can't wait to see how far it is when my children are my age.