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Monday, September 15, 2008


Remember that roasted garlic from the other day? Mine is still in my fridge. I forgot all about it actually. I'm cleaning and organizing my house like a crazy person lately and totally forgot about the lovely garlic just sitting in a bath of EVOO. So tomorrow I will make hummus, if I remember. Just to get me in the mood I thought I'd post my recipe for hummus. I have searched high and low throughout the state of Wisconsin to find tahini paste to no avail. I have heard that traditional hummus has tahini paste. So because I'm Polish and because I can't seem to locate this tahini past stuff, this is the Polish hummus recipe. I love being Polish if for no other reason than to use it as an excuse for my shortcomings!

So, once you've roasted the garlic you're ready to go. I've also made this with roasted red peppers. It's equally as yummy, I just don't happen to have any red peppers at the moment. You will need a can of chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans), the roasted garlic, EVOO, and kosher salt. You can also add a little lemon juice if you need, I usually omit it because I never have lemons.

Drain the can of beans and empty into a food processor.

Then add the garlic. I use a ton of garlic just to keep the vampires away.

Use as much as you'd like.

Next sprinkle in salt. How much you sprinkle in is totally up to you and your taste.

Put the top on your processor. Turn the food processor on and start to stream EVOO through the top. I don't have an exact amount here when it comes to the olive oil. What I do is run the food processor for a few minutes and check the consistency. If it's still thick and lumpy I run more EVOO into the chickpeas. I continue to do this until it looks right. It's a very scientific procedure. Try your best!

This picture is a fairly decent representation of what it should look like when it's done. It should be thick but not too thick and definitely not lumpy. Just when you think you've used too much EVOO use a bit more and then you're done.

Remove from the food processor and put into a cute bowl. Cover and store in the fridge. I serve hummus with homemade pita chips or crackers. Carrots are also good dipped into the hummus. I would guess any veggie would be good with hummus. Try to make some today and let me know how it works for you!


La said...

This looks great! I have a favorite blog that you might enjoy. It is called Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Here is the site I hope you like it. - Laura

trasea1313 said...

Oh Hummus, where art thou beautiful hummus! It's healthy right?? ;)


Jessica said...

Yum! I've never made hummus before, but you make it look easy! I actually have a can of chickpeas in the cupboard (I meant to use it in a Deceptively Delicious recipe for Choc chip cookies but never got around to it...). So maybe I'll make hummus instead! My kids have eaten it when their Aunt brings it over. I assume I could use a blender instead of a food processor?

Shannon said...

I love the pictures Jen they are great. I hate cooking real food, but it looks like fun when I see it on your blog:0)