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Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of 2nd Grade

The ceremonial first day of school picture. Doesn't he look thrilled? I thought so too. He woke up and said to the cat, "Hey Dopey, guess what I get to do today? I get to go to school!" Once I was convinced that my son and cat cannot have a conversation and he is not Dr. Doolittle I smiled. I smiled because I love that he is still enjoying school. He was soooooo bored this Summer. Yes, we tried to cram a lot of activities into each and everyday, but it still wasn't enough stimulation for my high-energy 7 year old. Atleast for 8 hours each day he'll have something fun to do. Plus, his newest neighborhood friend is in his class and sits in his row, which is totally awesome. Wait, do the kids today still say "totally awesome"?

Plus, Bryce gets to see his "best friend" Caleb every morning. Caleb's mom works as a teacher in another city and needs to leave before the bus picks up the kids, so he comes over every morning to hang with us. Caleb is a great kid! He helps to calm Bryce down. Although, last year Bryce did manage to break one of Caleb's front teeth. We don't like to talk about that though.....They are convinced they are making a band this year. They are already talking about practicing in Caleb's mom's garage. Hey, better there than here!

Last year I walked the boys down to the bus stop. Because we live on a cul-de-sac, the bus won't come all the way down our street. The bus stop corner is only about 4 houses down but it's difficult to see from our front porch. This year I was told he was big enough to walk to the bus stop himself. I fought back the tears and said OK. I didn't realize that I would be this far away. Taking pictures with my point and shoot at this length is not an easy task. How coul he be so cruel as to deny me a good shot to scrapbook?! Kids today! They just have no respect for their parents!!!

Two new boys moved in at the end of the road this Summer. One of them is in 2nd grade and the oldest is in 6th. Bryce and Caleb were happy to have boys to sit at the bus stop with. Well, I assume they were happy. I wasn't close enough to actually hear what they were saying, but they looked happy. When boys get to hang out with other boys they are generally happy. I wish I was close enough to hear them, what could they possibly be talking about?

There is it, bus 98. Taking my oldest away at school. Gone for 8 hours. I didn't cry this year. I'm kinda getting used to this gone all day thing. It seems like only yesterday when I was searching high and low for all day kindergarten, willing to pay any amount just to have Bryce gone all day...err, I mean just to make sure my son had the best education money could buy. I'm kidding, ofcourse, but that time does seem like many, many moons ago. And now, in one short year, my baby will be heading off to kindergarten.

Do you remember those Staples commercials that used to run right before school started? You know the one where the dad is pushing the cart and is tossing school supplies into said cart with this total look of glee on his face? Behind him the kids were sulking, frowning, shuffling along. The background music was, "It's the most wonderful time of the year....". Remember that one? Well, is it weird that as I was walking back up the drive from watching my oldest hop on a bus to second grade I was humming that tune outloud? I wonder what that means?

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trasea1313 said...

By golly, when did you get a kid that big?? I remember when Bryce was going to preschool... dang!

Cute that he is not wanting to have you walk him down... glad you didn't loose it...

I still use "totally awesome" by the way!! It's a CT thing baby!