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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Does this clutter make my butt look fat?

Have you ever seen Peter Walsh on Oprah? I haven't watched a full season of Oprah in well over a year, but he used to be a semi-regular on her show. While I found him incredibly annoying he managed to charm the socks offa me! I love his accent and his beautiful, blue glasses. More than once he had the lady of the house storm off in a fit of rage saying, "Whatever!" under her breath. Several times I watched him back the homeowner into the corner of their kitchen while they were hyperventilating because he wanted them to throw away 12 of the 13 spatulas sitting in the drawer.

Peter Walsh wrote a book entitled "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?". I really should pick up the book and actually read it. Everytime I try to organize my house I repeat that phrase to my husband and end it with...."yes it does!". I wish I had a dollar for everytime I have re-organized my house. Do you have any idea how many bins and baskets and whatnot I have to organize all of my stuff? Several!! And yet I keep buying more stuff. I don't quite understand why.
I am coming to realize that all of this stuff doesn't mean anything. It doesn't make me smarter, prettier, skinnier, more does, however, make my butt look fat. I find it very hard to concentrate knowing a tornado just blew through my basement. Knowing toys are here, there and everywhere makes it hard for me to breath. I use cleaning and organizing almost as an excuse to not play with the kids or even to just sit down and relax. I have to be cleaning and organizing. The only problem is, I never finish. I start and then things look worse than before and then I say forget it! Then I usually go shopping....but we don't need to go there just yet!
I'm having a rummage sale next Thursday. I have no choice. I have too much stuff. My husband and I are discussing building again and I refuse to move stuff from this house into storage into a new house, stuff that I haven't even put my hands on in more than a year. If it doesn't sell, it's going to Goodwill. I have several rooms totally organized and I'm really loving that. I have my bathroom linen closet totally neat and tidy. Everytime I open a drawer in my bathroom I smile. It's been a week now and it's still organized! I'm finally tackling the basement tonight. What a huge job!!!
I found this website the other day and it is full, I mean full of blogs from women who are neat freaks and super organizers and major meal planners!! Be careful though, reading it can be very addicting. The website is


Tracy said...

Oh! I thought I had a handle on that with our move/unpacking... but let me tell you, I still can't go into my office and we have 4 boxes left to be unpacked! Good for you! What time is the rummage :) I may have to come and collect more things for my house ;) hahaha

Shannon said...

I call it the binge and purge of house cleaning. I buy new stuff, and then purge some of the old stuff. That sounds a bit like what you do:0) I am with Tracy though what time is your sale?

Jennifer said...

I haven't hammered out the details yet, I have a pre-school mom who is joining me, but I'm thinking Thursday and Friday. I'll let ya know the closer we get!

Jessica said...

Do you know about Freecycle? If in your cleaning you find things that you don't think would sell, but are too good to throw away, consider giving it away on Freecycle. It is a free yahoo group and there is one for App. and also one for Nee/Men. Let me know if you want the web addresses.

Lisa said...

I would also like to know when???? Luke looked so darn cute in Bryce's pj's this summer (power ranger with boxer briefs:). Luke still talks about that pirate ship of Bryce's. Ask him if he is taking offers!!!!
You will feel so much better when you are done. In the meantime....good luck!

La said...

You inspired me. Yesterday I clean out our art cabinet (not a small feat) and a junk cabinet. I found things I didn't even know we had!

Randi said...

cool blog, Jenn! I think the title of this post would make a good country song. :)