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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rattlers VS. River Bandits

Saturday was a cool 76 (or so) degrees. It was the perfect weather for baseball. We had free tickets to the game and dinner was included...bonus! The only thing missing was Daddy. We couldn't find our seats right away and ended up walking all the way around the stadium before figuring it all out. The Timber Rattlers were playing my hometeam, The Quad City River Bandits. Bryce made me decide before the game even started who I was rooting for. I chose the Rattlers which proved to be a mistake. I tried to take it back but there was no way Bryce was going to let that happen.
Our seats were in section 114 but the section was really full. Section 116 is the family section and it looked fairly empty, so we scooted across the isle and found a cozy spot. Shortly after we found out seats two different families found their seats close to ours. One family was a mom and her two children. The other was a dad and his two sons. The dad looked like he was someone important but I didn't know who. Do you recognize him?
Hannah was all over the buffet. The buffet consisted of everything Hannah loves...not. They had potato sald (no way) and baked beans (ain't gonna happen). Luckily they also had potato chips. She started with a hot dog and ended with a brat. That's my girl!

I wish she had a baseball shirt! She brought her baseball hat all on her own. Thank goodness she remembered it because the sun was right in our faces. Even her brother didn't think to bring a hat. She looked pretty in pink even if she didn't look like she should be at a baseball game.

Baseball is one of my favorite sports. I played softball from as early as I can rememeber until 18. I would've played longer but 18 was the cut off age for the travel team I played with. I wish I would've stayed playing though because as soon as I was done I got fat and old...but that's another story for another day. I'm having a good day, I don't need to depress myself.

The kids saw Fang and instantly Bryce was looking for something for him to sign. I convinced him one Fang signature was enough. (We scored an autograph at the first game we went to this season.) I did, however, talk them into standing close to Fang to get their picture taken. I was hoping they would move in a little closer, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

I was a little nervous about where we were sitting early on. The sun was right in my face and I was afraid we'd take a foul ball to the noggin. Luckily, everything that came in our direction was either a bit to the right or way behind us. Hannah brought her glove so I was pretty sure she'd protect me. I realize I'm getting older and more nervous/cautious everyday. Things like fly balls never seemed to bother me when I was younger. This getting old thing is no fun!

I think Hannah needs a pretty, pink glove. She's got an arm on her like I can't believe!

Hey, who's Mountain Dew is that? I'll give you one soda is the best kind of soda! Thanks Gulfstream!!!! The kids and I had a total blast. We had to go back to the car during the 6th inning. Bryce's cough got really bad and he needed a cough drop. I'm not organized enough or prepared enough to have taken one in my pocket. I dropped off the camera during our trip to the car. I kicked myself for doing that later because they had fireworks after the game. They were the best fireworks we've seen this year. They were right on top of us, which made them look 100 times bigger and brighter. Bryce hugged me, told me he loved me and that he had a great day. I think I fell asleep with a smile on my face after that comment. The game, free food and fireworks were the perfect ending to an almost perfect Saturday.

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