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Monday, April 7, 2008

16 is my favorite number

My favorite number is 16. The number 16 has many meanings to me. Firstly, I was born on January 16th. Secondly, my husband was born on December 16th. Thirdly, my son was born on April 16th. Lastly, my daughter was born on January 30th...where is the significance of 16 with that, you ask? Well, she was born on my aunt and uncle's 16th wedding anniversary. So I have adopted the number 16 as my lucky number. Whenever anyone asks me to pick a number I always pick 16. If I were to be lucky enough to be on Deal or No Deal, I would pick case #16. So, when it came to chosing a name for my blog it only seemed right to add the number 16 in the title.
The really funny thing, well to me anyway, is that I am terrible with numbers. Really, I am. I still count on my fingers. My almost 7 year old is better at math then I! I am really dreading the time, and I can feel it coming, when he asks me to help him with his math homework. I am preparing myself to look like a fool!

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Caitlyn19 said...

HaHa...I'm like that with the number 19. lol...but not married or have any kids...Too young for that. lol.