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Monday, January 26, 2009


We've incorporated a new Chore Chart system at our house. The kids are really enjoying it and their beds are made every day! Yeah!! I plan to put together a post with pictures outlining what we're doing. Look for that in the days to come.

We had a very lazy, relaxing weekend. The kids were off from school on Friday. Bryce had a swimming birthday party at the Y in the afternoon. Then Bryce had hockey practice at 5:00. We hit our favorite fish fry and went to bed with full tummies.

Saturday was equally as relaxing. Bryce had hockey in the morning. We spent the rest of the day doing things we've been putting off. The bills got paid and the closet got clean. If I could sleep in that closet I would! It is now officially my favorite room in the house...because it's totally clean and simply organized! The kids played with dominoes all morning. We went to the Green Bay Gamblers game in the evening. We are turning into quite the hockey family! The Gamblers are 19 and 20 year old kids who aren't in college and haven't been picked up by anyone. I am amazed at how aggressive this team is! They are currently in first place in their division. They won Saturday's game 6-0. It was a late night but a great day!

Sunday we went to late church. We slept in which is a rarity at our house. Even Brent was in bed until after 6:00 am. We made it to church on time which is also a rarity! Pastor Mark was awesome! The way he preaches makes me want to be a believer! His words are so powerful and yet so normal. He's a regular guy living a regular life with a huge passion to spread the word of God. I am so thankful that we have found his preaching and his church. What a lifesaver for our marriage and our family! Praise God!

Hannah and I took a moment to snuggle in her new bed. It's not often enough that I get to sit with either one of my children and just have a conversation with them. So I said, "Hannah, what do you want to be when you grow up?" She was looking for the answer somewhere in her room. She finally says, "A painter." "Do you want to paint bedrooms or do you want to paint pictures?" I asked. "Bedrooms," she said while intently looking at her painted walls. Then she says, "I want to paint bedrooms when I'm 80." She's been referencing ages of when she'd like to accomplish things lately. 80, however is a new number. Her response has regularly been 61. "Hannah, you know Grandma Helen is 80, right?" I said, trying to get her to understand just how old 80 is. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "WHAT? I didn't know she was THAT old?!" Trying not to laugh I said, "So, do you still want to paint bedrooms when you're 80?" "No way!"

I am so gonna scrapbook that!

One more thing I've been pondering is the fact that I am not perfect nor will I ever be perfect. I have this nasty habit of comparing myself to people who are closer to perfection than I will ever be. This only makes me feel worse about myself. I am vowing to stop doing that, honestly. I am who I am and that's all I can ever be. I'll never be perfect, my house will never be perfect, my children, God love'em, will never be perfect. I have been blessed with a happy, healthy family, loving friends and the faith that I am perfect in God's eyes. I am happy with what I've got. I'm happy with who I'm becoming and I'm happy that even though I stress and worry about these crazy things that God still loves me! And that's a fact Jack! (name that movie....)


Sara said...

We heard a great portion of our sermon at church yesterday basically saying you are fearfully and wonderfully made just the way you are. God intended it that way, and now we just have to figure out how to live with ourselves that way! ;)

But, all that being said, I still struggle with being content right where I'm at, with exactly the things I have. You can read my first two blog posts ever if you want more into the psyche of Sara. At any rate, here's to both of us being happy right where we are, since it's just where God intends for us to be.

Tracy said...


It is hard to meet yourself somewhere between where you expect yourself to be and where you are.

Is the movie Ray or Stripes, because I think it was stated in both :)

Jennifer said...

Sara, thanks for the comment. I will definitely be checking out those first two blog posts.

Tracy, I was specifically thinking Stripes. I love that part of the movie..."Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side." We should have an old movie watching Sunday or something...